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Policies, Terms & Conditions

The following Policies, Terms and Conditions apply to all work performed by Warner Super Service Inc., Real Plumbers and all associated entities, hereinafter referred to as “The Company”.


New Piping:
Underground – Three (3) years
Above Ground – One (1) Year

Installation Of:
Faucets & Fixtures – One (1) year
Appliances – One (1) Year*

Replacement Of:
Motors & Electrical Parts – Ninety (90) days
Flush Tank Parts – Ninety (90) days

Faucet Repairs – None**

Drain Clearing – None**

No warranty on any Customer provided materials or existing piping. The Company will not be responsible for any broken lines, or costs to remove cable/hoses which may become lodged in piping, during cleaning or inspection. Unless otherwise specified, the following are excluded from any pricing:

  • Excavation in solid rock, concrete, unstable or saturated soil, depth greater than 5″ (waterlines), 8″ (sewer lines) that uncovers fossils, archeological remains, police evidence, hazardous materials, chemicals, or nuclear wastes. The Company will not be responsible for any fines, costs to clean up and/or monitor any of the above conditions.
  • Repairs/Replacement of sidewalks, curbs, asphalt, driveways, gutters, existing or resulting in cracks in foundation walls.
  • Any repairs to replacement of underground piping or wiring not marked by Miss Utility.
  • Any landscaping, grass, mulch, bushes, trees, decorative borders or retaining walls. Any additional dirt or backfill material, 100% compaction, finish grading.
  • Any repair or replacement of walls, floors, floor coverings, ceilings, carpentry work, drywall, spackling, or painting.
  • Any subsequent damage caused by the failure of a manufactured item or the installation thereof.
  • Any repair or replacement or testing of any item termed “existing” beyond the point of connection. This would include, but not be limited to piping, wiring, ductwork insulation or bringing any existing structural items up to local codes.
  • Any permits other than specified (i.e., building permits, town/community permits, etc.)
  • Upgrades of faucets, fixtures, or appliances witch a cost greater than those specified.
  • Finishes on traps, valves and supplies to be chrome unless otherwise specified.
  • No removal of asbestos, lead or mold. No monitoring of air quality. Customer assumes all liability for asbestos, lead or mold issues.
  • No liability for damage to piping, wiring, or structural members embedded in concrete.
  • No cost for X-Ray included in this contract.
  • All work to be performed on “Regular Time” unless otherwise specified.
  • All pricing based on existing valves and circuit breakers operating properly.
  • In cases of “minimum excavation” techniques (or “pulling”), if the company is unable to “pull” new water service, sewer or other piping for any reason, customer will be responsible for all costs for additional excavation, concrete repair, rerouting of lines, etc.

The Company may perform any above reference exclusions; however, customer will be responsible for the additional costs.

In the event any of the above exclusions are encountered, the customer may have The Company proceed, and the customer will be responsible for the additional cost -OR- the Company can stop work, and the customer will be responsible for the costs to date.

Customer must provide proper access to all work areas and must move any furnishings, stored items, vehicles, etc. The Company will not be responsible for such items.

Customer “holds harmless”, The Company, for any damages to furnishing, stored items, vehicles, cabinetry, counters, walls, floors, ceilings, floor coverings, piping, wiring or structural members which may become damages while performing work, or due to failure of any manufactured item, or when water is restored to a building, customer must assure that all faucets, piping, and fixtures are off/closed.

In the event any snake cables become lodged in piping, configuration of piping, or for any other reason, customer shall be responsible for any related costs to remove snake cables from the line.

In the event customer prevents The Company from beginning work, or from completing work, for any reason, the customer shall pay The Company, the value of all labor, materials, and overhead costs incurred.

All accounts not paid in full within thirty (30) days of date due will incur a late penalty of 1.5% per month of the overdue amount. Additionally, a service charge of $35.00 will be assessed for each returned check. Cancellation of a separate finance agreement does not relieve the customer of responsibility. In such case, the total amount will be due immediately.

The Company reserves the right to remove any materials or equipment not paid for in accordance with this contract.

In the event customer account is placed in the hands of an attorney or collection agency, customer agrees, in tandem with all other costs of collection, to pay an additional forty percent(40%) of the amount due as attorney fees whether suit is filed or not. Customer further agrees to “hold harmless” The Company, from legal recourse after a period of one (1) year, after completion of work under this contract. In the event of legal action brought against The Company, the customer agrees to limit damages to the actual amount received by The Company from the customer. Should any dispute arise, customer agrees to pay all court costs, including labor, expert witness, and other related costs. In the event any utilities, including water, gas or electricity are shut off to a building for any reason, customer will be responsible for all damages caused by others for any reason, or due to any faucet, fixture, or appliance being left on by others.

A contract may be withdrawn by Warner Super Service, Inc, if not accepted within 30 days. You may cancel this transaction, without penalty or obligation, within three days from signature or approval of this document. To cancel a transaction, mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of this notice, or any other written notice to: Warner Super Service, Inc, 7321 Livingston Rd., Oxon Hill, MD 20745 within 72 hours following signature.


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